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  • NIMR_Application_Proposal_Household BiomarkerStudy 2019-reviewed (Click here)
  • Study to Monitor Impact of Vitamin A interventions(Click here)

  • Effect of Excess Iodine Intake from Iodized Salt and/or Groundwater Iodine on Thyroid Function in Non pregnant and Pregnant Women, Infants, and Children: A Multicenter Study in East Africa (Click here)

Background: Acute excess iodine intake can damage the thyroid, but the effects of chronic excess iodine intake are uncertain. Few data exist for pregnant and lactating women and infants exposed to excessive iodine intake.

  • Controlling iodine deficiency disorders through salt iodation in Tanzania Click here

Background: Iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) is a major public health problem worldwide, in which more than two billion people have insufficient iodine intake, ... Paper III: BMC Public Health 9(319), Assey, V. D.; Peterson, S.; Kimboka, S.; Ngemera, D.; Mgoba, C.; Ruhiye, D. R.; Greiner, T.; Ndossi, G. D