Idara ya Afya na Lishe ya Jamii

The Directorate is in charge of nutrition disorders and instituting interventions for these disorders. It has three sections with the roles distributed as follows:

  • Nutrition epidemiology section

In charge in identification of nutrition disorders and diseases

  • Community nutrition section

Institutes interventions to the issues identified by the epidemiologists; and

  • Dietetics section

Examines the non-communicable diseases which arise from overweight and obesity

Functions of Community Health and Nutrition Department

i.To oversee nutrition situation in Tanzania

ii.To provide technical support in nutrition epidemiology at the Centre

iii.To set up monitoring and evaluation system of nutrition problems and interventions in the country.

iv.To coordinate development of interventions for the prevention of various forms of malnutrition.

v.To provide guidance and technical support for the prevention and management of diet related diseases.

vi.Oversee implementation of interventions related to dietetics.

vii.To strengthening nutrition in the reproductive and child health services in the country

viii.To undertake research in community health and nutrition

ix.To collaborate in nutrition epidemiology with national and International organizations on issues pertaining to nutrition

x.To provide consultancy service on nutrition issues


  • Dietitians
  • Epidemiologist

Projects in the Department

  • Prevention of Diet Related Non-Communicable Diseases
  • Prevention and control of Anemia
  • Prevention of Iodine Deficiencies Disorders
  • Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition
  • Nutrition and HIV