Idara ya Sera, Mipango na Lishe

1.0 Introduction

The Directorate is responsible for policy, planning, advocacy and monitoring and evaluation of activities in the Centre. It is comprised of the following sections: -
i. Policy Analysis and Advocacy Section

  • Responsible for drafting, reviewing, and disseminating policies guidelines and strategies.

ii. Nutrition Information Section

  • Responsible for collecting data and developing nutrition database and participates or facilitate national nutrition surveys and assessment; including dissemination of findings.

iii. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Responsible for preparing of the Centre’s budget, planning of operations, reporting and monitoring and evaluation of the organization activities.

2.0 Functions

Responsible to the Managing Director on matters relating to Nutrition Policy and Plans.
i. To co-ordinate the Centre’s plans and budget preparation
ii. To advocate the national nutrition policy and national plan of action on nutrition in collaboration with relevant sectors.
iii. To co-ordinate monitoring and evaluation of the Centre’s programme and project.
iv. To undertake research relating to nutrition policy and planning.
v. To co-ordinate the nutrition management information system at the Centre.

vi. To provide consultancy services in field of competence.

3.0 Projects in the Department

i. Nutrition Policy and Strategy development
ii. Support to Community-based Nutrition programmes
iii. Priorities in Nutrition Research
iv. International Cooperation in Nutrition
v. Nutritional Surveillance
vi. Nutrition Surveys
vii. Nutrition during Emergencies
viii. Sociological Development