Catalyst Team


With support from World Food Programme (WFP) and Prime Minister Office (PMO), a 'Catalyst Team' has been established to accelerate the implementation of the Tanzania NMNAP , including stunting reduction, and the provision of evidence based information to the Multisectoral Nutrition Technical Working Group (MNTWG).

This team is formed of 6 staff from the PORALG and the TFNC and a team leader, Ester Elisaria from Ifikara Health Institute. It was launched on the 13th November 2017.

The team underscores the commitment to building a strong nutrition system in Tanzania through fostering alliances, networking and collaboration among stakeholders at national, regional and council levels.

Catalyst Team Members

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Geofrey Chiduo
Team Leader-TFNC
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Adam Hancy
Data Lead-TFNC
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Jeremiah Mwambange
District Support Focal Point-PORALG
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Deborah Charwe
Support A-TFNC
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Maria Ngilisho
Support B-TFNC
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Gabriel Shayo
Support C-TFNC
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Luitfrid Nnally
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Fortunata Chuwa

Roles and function of the Catalyst Team

  • Facilitating Collaboration and improving Nutrition Data Management
  • Testing District Collaboration Model; the Catalyst Team will be working out how we can foster great on-the-ground collaboration in districts.
  • Plan and scope implementation of: rollout of anthropometric tools and training to measure stunting at the district level, strengthening data systems (scorecard, stakeholder tracking tool, nutrition report library), nationwide rollout of District Collaboration Model
  • Communicate regularly on progress: watch this space for regular updates from the team
  • Longer-term outlook

  • Initial two-month funding supported by WFP, with aim to secure long term funding for permanent team as soon as possible
  • In the longer term the Catalyst Team is planned to oversee nutrition data systems, providing insights to the MNTWG and PMO and to foster collaboration on the ground
  • Activities

  • The team will be going to Bahi (Dodoma) and Pangani (Tanga) over the course of December 2017 - February 2018. This will involve training district on the principles of better collaboration, as well as sensitisation on the new role of the steering committees (as per the new TORs)
  • Catalyst Team: