Directorate of Nutrition Education and Training

The department of Nutrition Education and Training is among five departments of Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre. This department has the following responsibilities:

  • To develop and review curricula and training guidelines on food and nutrition in collaboration with relevant institutions.
  • To supervise and develop a national nutrition reference library.
  • To coordinate the development and dissemination of food and nutrition information to the public
  • To conduct research in nutrition education and training.
  • To coordinate and conduct in-services training for TFNC staffs’ and other service providers.

The department has four units which are Government Communication, In-service Nutrition Education, Food and Nutrition Library and Printing. These units have the following responsibilities:

1. Government Communication Unit

  • To coordinate the dissemination of nutrition education to the public through media including radio, television, newsletters, brochures, posters, videos, social media (twitter, facebook, instagram, blog) and the Centre's website.
  • To develop and disseminate various nutrition publications
  • To develop and disseminate key messages based on food and nutrition researches.
  • To coordinate anniversaries, commemorations, exhibitions and campaigns for food and nutrition.
  • To conduct researches on social and behavior change communication.

2. In-service Nutrition Education Unit

  • To coordinate food and nutrition training to technical staff from various sectors, civil society and other stakeholders.
  • To develop guidelines and training manual on food and nutrition.
  • To advocate incorporation of nutrition issues into curricula of various education and training institutions.
  • To conduct training need assessment on food and nutrition from different sectors, civil society and other stakeholders.

3. Food and Nutrition Library and Unit

  • To acquire publications on food and nutrition from various sources.
  • To preserve publications on food and nutrition issues.
  • To assist customers to access information on food and nutrition issues.

4. Printing Unit

  • To print Centers’ publications and from other institutions


  • Maternal , Infant and Young Children and Adolescent Nutrition (MIYCAN)
  • 1000 Social and Behaviour Changes Communication (SBCC) Kits
  • Micronutrients Powder (MNPs) Uses for Children aged 6 months –under five years Children
  • Nutrition in Schools (Primary and Secondary )
  • Curriculum Review and Development
  • Mass Media and Materials Development
  • Library