Internal Audit

This Unit is responsible for ensuring that all system controls, regulations and procedures are adequate and effective. This include evaluating systems and processes in reporting on the adequacy of internal control; accuracy of transactions; asset management; and level of compliance with laws, policies and regulations.

Legal Services

This unit is responsible for providing legal services and advising TFNC on legal affairs and also represents the interest of the Centre in the courts of laws.

Procurement Management

This unit is responsible for planning and managing all procurement and disposal by tenders’ activities of the procuring entity; Recommend procurement and disposal by tender procedures; Coordinate the procurement and disposal activities of all the departments of the procurements of the procuring entity; Preparing tendering documents, advertisements of tender opportunity and contract documents;

Printing Service

It is responsible for printing and producing most of reports. For several years, with its own well-developed facilities for word processing, typesetting and art; TFNC has been able to produce most of the available reports and publications. These are the workshop proceedings, pamphlets, posters, brochures and research reports and others. It has also been possible to offer the printing services to other institutions,in particular, the Ministry of Health, with the objective of becoming self-sustaining.